A Post-doctoral fellow position!

  • One Postdoc in computational analysis of super resolution imaging data
  • We are looking for highly motivated individuals holding a Phd in computational science, mathematics, physics or related disciplines with experience and background in the fields of bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, computational programming (Matlab, Python, R and similar) and statistical analysis.

Here more info!

We showed that transcriptionally generated supercoiling regulates loop formation. The girl’s blowing represents the force of transcriptionally generated supercoiling that promotes loop extrusion (bubbles forming) through cohesin (ring of stick). Bubbles depict different nuclear topologies. Excess of cohesin, supercoiling, and loops leads to chromatin blending (upper bubbles), while inhibition of transcription or topoisomerases brings decreased supercoiling and chromatin compaction (lower bubbles). Cover art from Laura Martin.

Look at paper at this link: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1dS8d3vVUPGJuH