Fusing human retinal cells with adult stem cells could be a potential therapeutic strategy to treat retinal damage and visual impairment. We show that cell fusion between Muller Glia cells and adult stem cells can take place in human retinal model systems. The hybrids cells can differentiate towards neural fate and have potential to regenerate the tissue.

Bonilla-Pons SÀ et al. December 2021 eBiomedicine


A Post-doctoral fellow position!

  • One Postdoc in computational analysis of super resolution imaging data
  • We are looking for highly motivated individuals holding a Phd in computational science, mathematics, physics or related disciplines with experience and background in the fields of bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, computational programming (Matlab, Python, R and similar) and statistical analysis.

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Previous techniques could visualize active areas of transcription, but not give precise information about their shape and size. We imaged nascent RNA spatial accumulations, which we termed RNA nanodomains. We characterized the RNA nanodomains and revealed how they interact with active RNA Polymerase II, the main component of the transcription machinery, and in turn, with small chromatin clutches, one of the smallest units of organization of the DNA fibers.

Castells-Garcia et al. December 2021 Nucleic Acids Research