We are looking for a highly motivated research scientist with consolidated

expertise in the area of retina physiology and disease. The ideal candidate must hold

a PhD in biomedicine or related disciplines, will have experience with mouse models

of retinal dystrophies, including the ability to manipulate and analyze retinal sections

and to perform in-vivo transplantations in mouse eyes. In addition, the ideal candidate

should have experience in cell culture. Experience in electrophysiology is also

considered an added value.

We are therefore seeking a highly motivated expert research scientist in the field of

retinal science with an interest in translational medicine.

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First Sino-Spain meeting was held at GDL

Thursday, 23 January 2020 by

The first sino-spain meeting was held at GDL, Guangzhou, China. Talks from CRG PIs and GDL PIs were focused in the fields of chromatin structure, stem cell and regenerative medicine. Interactions between the two institutes were fostered to start a common PhD program that will be organised across the 2 continents. Students will spend part of the time at GDL in China and part of the time at the CRG in Spain carrying out research projects based on collaborations between PIs of the institutions.

Bye Bye Alvaro…see you in Guangzhou!

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CellViewer International Symposium

Wednesday, 16 October 2019 by

CellViewer International Symposium: “Seeing and Decoding Nuclear Function and Structure”, will be held in Barcelona on 27 and 28 January 2020.

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Chromatin organization and gene expression are interdependent. Previously, our group had showed that nucleosomes form groups, termed clutches, whose size correlates with cell state. 

In this paper, Alvaro, together with Jason Otterstrom, carried out 2-color super-resolution microscopy to image core histones and DNA at nanoscale resolution.

They identified the “clutch DNA” as the DNA whose compaction is dependent on the clutch. Moreover, they studied how the epigenetic state of the clutch alters the radius of the clutch DNA.

These results provide novel insights into chromatin organization at the nanoscale level and show how the clutches affect DNA packaging.


 Castells-Garcia et al. 2019 Nucleic Acids Research

Happy to be interviewed in the blog Research in Barcelona and be able to share my views on my work and on research in general. You can read the interview here

Martina, Ruben and Pia discuss in this State-of-the-Art Review of The FEBS Journal the latest advances and applications of in vivo reprogramming strategies for regenerative medicine with a special focus on dedifferentiation, transdifferentiation and cell fusion processes. Cover of The FEBS Journal

Christmas celebration 2018 part I…..

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Christmas Lunch 2018 and Secret Santa Gift 🙂

Cosma lab at the Open Day 2018!

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Laura, Martina, Ruben and Victoria participated in the 2018 edition of the PRBB Open Day explaining the current lines of research in the lab, giving outreach seminars and doing experiments with kids!




We are looking for a highly motivated research scientist with expertise in biology, biomedicine, physics or related disciplines. The candidate will hold a PhD and will have experience with cell culture and microscopy.

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